Basic information

Almost 99% of algae producers in the world use this method. Due to the low cost of setting up and the cultivation area is more than the closed system.

Open cultivation means that the surface of algae cultivation is in contact with the external environment. Open cultivation does not mean that only cultivation is carried out in the open space.. Even covered environments have open cultivation, for example, an aquarium can be an open cultivation if its surface is open, or if it is a greenhouse structure.


Swimming pool with rotating arms

In this system, the mixing and stirring of the culture medium is done by rotating arms. Its cost is relatively high and a lot of energy was used to perform the mixing in them.

It is mainly built in open areas, areas that have warm weather, such as the south of the country. It is a suitable method to implement in the greenhouse environment


Fast flowing pool

These systems are used in most industrial projects to produce Arthrospira biomass and cover an area of about 1,000 to 5,000 square meters. The mixing of each unit is done by paddle cycles.
During the day, new culture medium is continuously added in front of the paddle wheel and the biomass is removed from behind this wheel. The simplest type of these pools is to create a shallow pit in the ground and cover its surface with plastic sheets.



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کشت استخری

Pond farming


Biofence cultivation
Biological air purification